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Stay in the UK

There are other ways that qualify you to stay in the UK

Domestic violence rule

You might be able to apply to settle in the UK if you’re a victim of domestic violence or you’ve been bereaved

Your partner died

Your family member has a refugee status

Humanitarian status in UK

Refugee status in UK

Free EU Settlement Scheme

If you or one of your family members are from Switzerland, EU, Iceland, Norway, or Liechtenstein. This scheme is only valid for people who moved to the UK before 1 January 2021. Otherwise, you need a family permit or visa. Irish citizens are exempted to apply for visa or EU settlement scheme.

Conditions that don’t allow you to apply or switch to a family visa

You cannot apply for a UK dependent family visa if your family member has:

work or student visa

visitor visa that is valid for 6 months

You can switch or apply to the family visa if you:

have 6 month visitor visa as a proposal partner or fiancé

have legal permission to stay in the UK with regard to divorce or family court case